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Attach clear copies of medical test, report, written or translated in English, and scan results less than 6 months old. You can send up to 25 MB in attachments, but if you have more than one file they cannot add up to more than 25 MB.



HiKrupet coordinates and delivers confidential, highly-specialized and personalized second opinions in consultation from our panel of accomplished doctors in Cambodia and Singapore. Our medical support services team facilitates access to independent second opinion on diagnosis and treatment via our medical support channels.

What to Expect

If you, your family member or loved one is faced with a serious medical condition, the knowledge that you can obtain a second opinion in consultation from the best specialty doctors on our in-network hospitals and clinic is comforting. You can use the Make An Appointment tool anytime to your convenience and we will respond within 3 work days. Our patient case handler will then work to review the patient case for completeness of information and submit the records to one or more partner hospitals and clinics where our panel of specialty doctor(s) will work to validate the original diagnosis.

If required, our case handler will then make the necessary appointments for you with the recommended specialty doctor(s) and hospital and provide you with a low and high range of the estimated treatment costs. On the day of the appointment, our patient case handler will be at the hospital to facilitate your appointment. In the event that we cannot handle your case, we will still provide you with a feedback on the issues involved, but your fees will not be refunded. For patients who need to travel abroad* for treatment, we will facilitate the administrative procedures at an extra cost and this will be communicated to you before you make you final payment.

*COVID-19 travel restrictions to Singapore apply and we will update you during the Make An Appointment process