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You will find out that your medical practice is growing as a direct result of your relationship with HiKrupet healthcare business directory. We offer an integrated approach to online marketing for businesses in HiKrupet that allows visitors to recommend businesses, doctors, and healthcare products to various social media channels. It’s free – sign-up now!


Personal Doctor

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  • List place of practice
  • Doctor dashboard
  • Appointment calendar
  • Consultation fee setup
  • Email notification
  • Email support


Great for Small Clinics

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  • List place of practice
  • Up to 5 doctors' profiles in different medical disciplines
  • Clinic dashboard
  • Doctor dashboard (multiple doctors)
  • Appointment calendar (multiple doctors)
  • Consultation fee setup
  • Email notification
  • Video setup
  • Email and mobile support


Suitable for Mid-Large Hospitals

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  • All of Emerald
  • Customized and sponsored profiles
  • White Label Domain
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Full webinar solutions
  • Video setup
  • Facebook live stream integration
  • Big data analytics
  • AI Help Desk
  • Onsite, email, and mobile support